Bounty Killer Weighs in on Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s Rap Battle “F**k that sh*t”

Bounty Killer is not happy with the way the clash between Drake and Kendrick Lamar unfolded. He took to social media on Saturday to give his opinion on the whole matter after hearing news that the clash ended.

Along with sharing a screenshot from Bossip, which states that Kendrick Lamar will not be releasing any more diss songs aimed at Drake in the near future, outlining ‘current rap beef is over’, Bounty Killer responded by writing, “Kudos brothers f%#k that sh%t that’s why rap can’t sell like pop music too many distractions from the true art form.”


He continued by asking, “What’s the benefit when they ain’t even doing the same concerts much less to sing their diss songs against each other on stage waste of energy So Much Struggle In The World🙂‍↔️😒😏.”

Check out his post below:

Notably, both artistes reeled off at least 3 songs at each other over the past month, however, Bounty Killer, a seasoned clash veteran is seemingly nowadays advocating for fewer clashes in music.

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