Bounty Regrets Violent Lyrics He Did In The Past

Veteran Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer has expressed his deep regrets for doing songs with gun lyrics in the past and has been since lately embracing new beginnings. The comments from the “5-star general”, came right after he donated 40 tablets, to the Seaview Garden Primary School.

According to Killer one of his biggest mistakes in the industry was to sing about murdering informer, and that his “gun nuh join lodge”.

The important thing for Bounty, however, is that he acknowledged that he has learned from his mistakes and regrets his past decisions where the violent lyrics are concerned.

He also stated that mistakes exist so the one who makes them can learn from the experience so they do not make them again. To the Alliance boss, mistakes are no problem but not learning from them is when there is an issue.

It is very intriguing to hear the entertainer express such regret for violent lyrics, as just earlier this year he was one of the entertainers who bashed Andrew Holness for claiming that dancehall music was the cause of high crime and violence in Jamaica.

Just recently as well, Bounty Killer along with other entertainers such as Agent Sasco and Sevana did Crime stop Ads to help fight the upsurge of violence in the country.

Mr Holness earlier stated that he loves Dancehall music, but he is not backing down and he was an unapologetic fan of the genre, and during a recent interview, he revealed that he had to speak the plain truth, as some of the lyrics glorify violence and they are, therefore, harmful.

The Prime Minister believes our music could do much more for the people who earn from it if the artistes would stop glorifying violence. As one of the biggest supporters of the Jamaican music and culture he is unapologetic. 

The leader believes he has a duty to reflect the uncomfortable truth as he wants to engage the Dj’s and artistes so they will be a part of the development of the country. He recognizes that he has been the only leader who openly expressed his love for the local art form, and he wants to continue engaging dancehall artistes. However, he believes the artistes have a responsibility and a duty to understand that the music that sounds good can be legitimizing violence and that is wrong.

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