Boyfriend Have Sex With His Sidechick’s Daughter And Gets Her Pregnant

February 26, 2022

Facing financial difficulties after buying a car for her boyfriend to operate as a taxi, an anonymous woman told a story of how her boyfriend betrayed her.

Thursday, a letter from a distressed woman was written to Jamaica Star seeking monetary advice. The letter started by first indicating that while the writer has always read the column in the newspaper and listened to the program on the radio, she has never written before.


 In the letter, she explained her relationship with a man who isn’t employed that she tried to help. The writer stated that she is working, and being that she had some money, she decided to help her boyfriend by buying a car for him to operate as a taxi. Previously, he was operating a taxi for someone, but after having a dispute with the owner of the vehicle, the woman fired him.

The cost of the car was $550,000, which is something she hides from her family, fearing what they might say or think if they knew she spent that much to buy a car for him.

However, the woman expressed her love for him and noted that things were ok for a while. Her boyfriend would transport her to and from work daily. After dropping her off at work, the writer recounted that her boyfriend “would be all over the place”.

Following his mysterious behaviour, she would question him regarding his whereabouts, but he would always claim to be working without giving out his location. The writer also added that there was one time she discovered a condom on the car floor, but her boyfriend denied it being him, saying he wasn’t responsible for it.

Another mystery was the issue of the money that he was supposedly making. She wrote that some weekends her boyfriend would not give her any money made from the car and he failed to explain what happened to the money he was earning.



Eventually, she came into shocking news that he was spending his days at another woman’s house instead of working. Assuming that the lady could be his mother, the writer didn’t think much of it until she heard that he got the woman’s daughter pregnant.

Subsequently, the writer told him to leave, but her boyfriend claimed the baby is not his. According to the writer’s beliefs, her boyfriend was having an affair with both the woman and the woman’s daughter, which resulted in her getting pregnant.

“This man has left me in debt,” the writer disclosed, expressing her greatest concern. She added that she wanted the money she spent on him and asked for advice on how to do so.


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