Boyfriend Impregnates Housemate

February 12, 2022

On February 11, a woman claimed to be at her wits’ end because her boyfriend got their housemate pregnant, who was also a friend of hers.

The anonymous woman began writing her story with a brief explanation of how she met her boyfriend. She met him at the university she was attending, and they graduated together, but he found a job before she did. Being that she was unemployed, her parents were paying her rent up until her father lost his job, which led her to move in with her boyfriend.


While things were going good for the couple, the rent was the only small recurring issue they had.

The woman went on to state that one of her friends were hunting for a place to live, and she inquired about the rooms they had. According to the woman’s description, the girl was a Christian, so the thought of her wanting the writer’s boyfriend was unimaginable.

After renting the room, her Christian friend would go directly to the bathroom and then to her room when she came home from work. Supposedly, she wouldn’t even linger in the kitchen because she only ate fast food, and she went back home to the country most weekends.

Things were going good with the trio until the woman saw a message from the girl on her boyfriend’s phone. The woman stated that the girl had left for the country the way she always did on weekends, but within an hour of her departure, the girl texted her boyfriend. The “please call me” message came in while the couple were seated on the couch, and when the woman questioned why the girl wanted him to call her, her boyfriend denied knowing why. Following this, the writer instructed her boyfriend to call, which he was reluctant to do, so she proceeded to dial the number and gave him the phone.

While he was nervously talking on the phone, the woman listened to her friend informing him that her period was late and she might be pregnant. The writer admitted being stunned that the girl was living in her house while having sex with her boyfriend “under her nose”.



The anonymous woman wrote that she and her boyfriend did not have any children, and he was denying being the father of her friend’s baby.

Subsequently, when the girl returned, the woman tried to remain calm as she spoke to her about the situation of her boyfriend denying the girl’s accusations of getting her pregnant. The girl was too ashamed to make eye contact, but she claimed she did not have sex with anyone else. She also confessed that the woman’s boyfriend was always asking for sex and, when the writer went for a walk one day, the boyfriend came into her room, so she had a “quickie” with him.

The friend claimed she did not mean to hurt her, and she was thinking about committing suicide. The girl went on to say that she found another place to live, but the woman told her to stay as she would be leaving.


However, the friend left, and the writer is still living with her boyfriend feeling confused about what to do. The writer said that while the girl was attractive and short, she still didn’t surpass her. She also added that her boyfriend only explained his actions by saying it was “just a man thing”.

In the last part of her letter, posted by Jamaica Star, the woman wrote, “The baby is not yet born, but I cannot stay with this man. I don’t know what to do.”


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