Boyfriend Killed Girlfriend Then Put Her Body in His Freezer for Over 1 Year

35-year-old Heather Schwab’s body was found inside a freezer days ago in McKinney, Texas after previously being reported missing. Reports are that Schwab and her estranged boyfriend 42-year-old Chad Stevens were involved in an abusive relationship prior to her disappearance.



According to the report, the police got a tip from Schwab’s mother who informed them about Stevens opening up to his ex-wife about killing Schwab and burying her body in his backyard.

During a search of Stevens’ home on Sunday, law-enforcers discovered Schwab’s body in a refrigerator. The police believe the body has been stored for over one year.

Stevens was subsequently arrested and charged after the gruesome discovery.

Learn more from the video below:


After watching the new report one person highlighted, “More and more sick individuals come to light with each passing day. I’m unable to comprehend how many others are hiding; walking among us. Abhorrent- how can you violate a human being like that.”

Another individual commented, “You never truly know what’s going on behind your neighbour’s closed doors. Deepest condolences to her family & may she now rest in peace.”


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