Brawl Breaks Out Between 1 Customer and 4 Popeyes Workers – Watch Video

Sunday, December 11, 2022, 3:35 PM GMT-5

A huge brawl erupted at a Popeyes restaurant after a customer threw an item over the counter at a staff member. The fast food restaurant, named after the fictional Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle from the 1971 film The French Connection, is currently making headlines after Mark Phillips, a Twitter user, shared a video of Popeyes employees fighting with a customer.

Reports are saying that the customer was rude to a staff member, but there is no clear explanation regarding what started the altercation. The video, which has gone viral since it was shared yesterday, began with an ongoing dispute between one worker and a woman.

While saying, “Get your stupid ass out of here,” the female staff worker threw an item at the customer, who threw back an unknown item over the counter. The Popeyes worker immediately abandoned her post to engage the customer in a physical fight, along with the help of her female co-workers.

All four female workers started pummeling the woman, and the male workers, with help from another customer, had to intervene. The men also took a few hits before the women were finally hauled away from each other. 

The video ended after the woman asked for her items, including her phone, which were scattered on the floor during the struggle, and an onlooker requested a chicken sandwich, which he was told was out. The circumstances leading up to that event and its precise date are still unknown, however, the incident took place at a Popeyes in the United States given the accent of the employees and customers.

In the tweet, Phillips wrote, “10/10 Popeyes staff. we need all popeyes employees watching this in training.” In response to the tweet, Popeyes issued a brief statement condemning the actions of its employees.

“We do not condone this type of behavior at Popeyes. We are working quickly with franchisee to understand what occurred and take appropriate action,” Popeyes stated.

See the Twitter post below:

Watch the fight between the workers and the customer HERE: WATCH: CLICK

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