Brazilian Wife Kills Husband by Setting Him Ablaze; Allegedly Motivated by Jealousy – Watch

December 10, 2023 9:09 AM

Graphic video footage is circulating online, showing a woman setting her partner on fire which later leads to his death.

Reports state that Ana Maria Paixao was acting on jealousy when she walked into a stock room with her husband, Andre Chapeta, sitting at a table and proceeded to do the unthinkable, lighting her husband afire.

Wife sets her partner on fire

Paixao was later reported to have been taken into custody for her husband’s murder but was let go when her arrest warrant failed to be signed by a judge.

According to video footage taken from a store in Rio de Janeiro, time-stamped for Monday, December 4, 2023, Paixao can be seen walking into a room as she tries to open a blue bottle said to be filled with flammable liquid.

She took the cover off the bottle and put it on the counter before walking over to her husband sitting at a table a little off-camera.

Wife sets her partner on fire

It is alleged that Paixao covers Chapeta in the fluid and sets him on fire with a lighter. It is shown when Paixao hurriedly walks away followed by Chapeta, engulfed in flames, running out the door.

Further news mentions that he ran out into the streets where he collapsed and was later taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead the following Friday.

Chapeta incurred life-threatening burns to over 92 percent of his body.


Watch the video HERE: CLICK

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