Brazilian Woman Shoots Cheating Boyfriend – Watch Video

October 8, 2022 9:43 AM

Shocking surveillance video captured the moment a woman ruthlessly shot her boyfriend in the back at their condo in Brazil. The woman has since been identified as 36-year-old Diana da Silva, while the unnamed man is 46 years of age.

According to the Brazilian news outlet ‘G1’, the incident occurred on Thursday and out of jealous rage against her boyfriend who is allegedly cheating.


In the video clip, Silva is first seen seated outside while the man walks inside another room in the condo. Soon after, with his back turned, she storms in with a gun and fired a shot hitting him from behind. He then fell to the ground and hit his upper region on a glass table.

Whilst helpless and bloodied on the floor, the man is seen raising his hands in what appears to be an attempt to plead for mercy, however, Silva fired additional shots but the gun jammed.

The wounded man then tried to get up from the blood-soaked floor, but an enraged Silva proceeded to retrieve a knife from a couch. Whilst seemingly screaming at her defenceless boyfriend with the knife in hand, she went back for the gun and fired one more shot but again it jammed.

Reports state that the man was transported to the Santa Marcelina Hospital and transferred to São Cristóvão hospital. He is said to be in stable condition as of Friday.

Brazilian authorities are currently searching for the whereabouts of Silva.

Watch the shooting below:


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