Ninja Man Reportedly Needs Emergency Heart Surgery

[Sharingbuttons]Dancehall veteran Ninja Man will need heart surgery “as soon as possible” as he has been diagnosed with a serious heart problem that requires urgent medical attention, according to Loop.

“We have the medical, Ninjaman has a serious heart condition, and he will have to have an operation which will require a recovery period of three to four months. So we want to finish this case as quickly as possible because Ninjaman cannot go under any stress right now and has to remain as calm as possible,” Valerie Neita Robinson, Ninjaman’s attorney, told Loop

“We have to finish this case as quickly as possible in order to take him out of this stressful situation and believe me, it is stressful, any human being will be stressed,” she said.

“He needs to do an angioplasty as soon as possible, his pulse rate is very low, normally the pulse rate of the average human being is about 90, Ninjaman’s rate is 40. the blood is not going to all the places in the heart, and being stationary is not every good for him.” Velerie Neita Robinson adds

Robinson also revealed that reputable doctors have diagnosed that there is need of a ‘vascular intervention’ because there is evidence in Ninjaman’s heart of severely reduced blood flow (ischemia) to an area of heart muscle caused by one or more narrowed coronary arteries. This condition of a narrowed or blocked artery is likely to be treated successfully with angioplasty.

Angioplasty opens blocked arteries and restores normal blood flow to your heart muscle. It is not major surgery. It is done by threading a catheter (thin tube) through a small puncture in a leg or arm artery to the heart. The blocked artery is opened by inflating a tiny balloon in it.


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