Bride and Groom Set Themselves on Fire During Wedding Celebration – Watch Video

Sunday, January 28, 2024, 12:39 PM

Stunt doubles Amber Mishelle and Gabrielle Jessop had an over-the-top explosive wedding celebration after they walked out hand-in-hand while engulfed in flames.

The footage shared on social media shows the bride and groom dressed for the occasion, however, their dramatic exit from the ceremony was quite unconventional. The pair could be seen walking nonchalantly before running with fire covering the back of their entire body while guests cheered them on from the sidelines.


The fiery footage then ends with Jessop and Mishelle kneeling as two wedding attendants douse them with a fire extinguisher.

Mishelle and Jessop, 42, met while working stunts in the film industry and reportedly stated that they wanted to do something out of the ordinary to commemorate their career.

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