Brother Stabs Older Brother to Death in Rockfort

Saturday, July 25, 2020, 1:27 PM

Tragedy struck on Wednesday as a father is now mourning the death of a son while another of his sons is currently in custody for the murder.

Dead is 19 years old Adrian Stewart who was killed by his brother Orlando “Tashie” Stewart in a stabbing incident resulting from an altercation between the two.


Norton Stewart the father of the two is currently distressed over the incident.

According to him, a knife was drawn by Orlando Stewart who proceeded to stab his brother in the upper chest.

Norton stated that he was at home when he suddenly heard some noise and went to saw his two songs fighting which he stated that he parted by pulling away the 17-year-old however he went back to argue with his brother and eventually stabbed him.

Norton told the news that his son had bled out a lot before being rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. His other son Orlando was taken into custody by the police.

Stewart made it clear that he grew his sons to be sharing further commenting that it was just the day before he and Adrian did some mechanic work which he got paid for but could not split the money as his son had died. He cried because of this.

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Norton said he lost his father in 2016 and so it is not the best feeling to now lose both his sons.

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All 3 are from Rockfort, east Kingston.

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