Brysco Accused of Setting Wrecker on Fire After Altercation with Driver in Mobay – Listen Interview

Dancehall artiste Brysco has been accused of allegedly setting a wrecker truck on fire after having an altercation with its driver. The owner of a wrecking company states that the artiste set his wrecker on fire, and he is in fear for his life.

The deejay rose to prominence with Code and has seen recent renewed interest in his career following the release of his track on the Dutty Money riddim, Gimmi Nikki & Broad Thickaz.

Speaking on PopEye NewzLynx, the 49-year-old wrecker company owner, Dennis, shared that he has been operating his wrecker service in Montego Bay for over a decade. However, Dennis says his business has been compromised since his alleged altercation with Brysco. According to Dennis, on the day of the incident, the road was pure chaos.

While driving from “leaders,” seemingly referring to Leader Avenue, Dennis said the traffic on the road was chaotic, with motorists coming down the road driving on both sides, making it impassable for those going up. Due to the chaotic traffic, Dennis said he accidentally grazed two vehicles.

The first, a bus, did not stop as its driver was driving in the wrong way, while the second vehicle’s driver confronted him. Dennis settled things with the second driver, assuring him that it was not intentional and that he was willing to pay. Afterwards, he and the motorist left to get the money.

At the time, Dennis said he was not aware that Brysco was driving behind him, and his wrecker accidentally backed up into his Audi while it was losing power. Dennis and Brysco allegedly got into a verbal altercation after he pulled over. 


According to Dennis, Brysco dismissed his attempts at trying to settle things with him like he had with the other driver and became irate. The deejay allegedly told Dennis that he had called his “goons” and threatened his life. 

“Him seh to mi seh him call him goons dem now and him goons dem a come right now an a dead mi fi dead tonight,” Dennis stated. The businessman further alleged that Brysco later hit him twice, and both men began fighting.

“Mi decide fi stay deh but wah get mi mad now a when mi si di yute rail up and chop mi unda mi head side and rail up again and chop mi again. Mi affi seh to mi self seh ‘Hey dis real?’ Eh come like mi affi guh wake up out a mi dream,” Dennis stated.

After the altercation turned physical, Dennis said he left the area because of Brysco’s promise that his goons were coming, but he stayed close enough where he could see him. He added that Brysco drove off but then returned with two additional vehicles.

At that point, the deejay allegedly opened his truck door and threw something in it. The wrecker then went up in flames. According to Dennis, the police are aware of the matter. He went on to express that he fears for his life, and his business is currently closed.

Listen the audio interview below.

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