Brysco Details The Bizarre Thing That Inspired Him To Make ‘Code’ Song, Talks His Journey, Kyle, Rvssian’s Dutty Money Riddim, Jahshii etc – Watch Interview

Thursday, January 18, 2024, 6:26 PM GMT-5

He emerged at the forefront of the dancehall scene with his controversial single Code, which ignited a trend of obscene behaviour from an array of women. This deejay, who was among the chosen talents authorised to voice on record producer Rvssian’s Dutty Money Riddim, is professionally known as Brysco.

Prior to the release of his latest song, Gimmi Nikki & Broad Thickaz, Brysco had been notably absent from the forefront of the music scene. This was, according to the 1Oth Floor deejay, due to him feeling the need to step back from music after facing many burdens that came along with the fame he acquired.

Brysco, hailing from Glendevon, Montego Bay, in St. James, spoke on his musical journey with Jaii Frais during a Let’s Be Honest interview that saw him delving into numerous topics.

In 2021, Brysco dropped Where I’m From on a riddim by Dynasty Records producer Kyle Butler, who produced the song along with Tipgod Music and DJ MAC. The song gained traction online, as did his 2022 song, Venture. Over a month later, he dropped Code, and the song blew up on the internet.

With regards to how Code came into being, Brysco explained that a series of events inspired the track, such as him always travelling on the toll and an incident that occurred when he was getting oral sex from his woman.

“One day a gyal a gi mi brains inna di kitchen…and di lasco did pull deh pan one a di table dem inna di kitchen. To how muma a gi mi heads, mi end up deh deh and affi ray and di lasco just drop,” he said, adding that he told the female to clean it up off him, which he said she did.

Following the song’s release, Brysco said that his life was changed. “It change me life, it put mi pa plane…The reaction was so good,” he added, and he expressed that he was able to perform at Reggae Sumfest for the first time as a result of the track.

However, along with the fame, there were issues that Brysco was facing, such as being in a car crash and personal problems, including with his girlfriend and the mother of his child, that were affecting him. He shared that he subsequently became irate and stepped back from the music.

As it relates to his new song, Brysco reached out to a producer who spoke to Rvssian on his behalf for him to voice on the Duty Money Riddim. He indicated that since conscious songs were not receiving recognition like gimmicks, he decided to create something fun and catchy. “Dem people yah, it come like if yuh nah sing certain likkle gimmick ting dawg, it nah go work,” he expressed.

Additionally, Brysco also spoke on the physical altercation he had with fellow dancehall artiste Jahshii at Ghetto Splash in 2022, saying, “Dem dawg a.. fi dem ting and mi a do my ting right now… We all young tings do happen.. but is just all a learning process, and I hope some a we can learn from we mistake and nuh mek certain things happen to we again.”

In recent times, Brysco found himself in another verbal altercation within the entertainment industry, this time with Kyle Butler. Brysco explained that he confronted Kyle due to a comment the producer made about deejays kneeling and begging for riddims, a statement that Brysco took offence to.

Watch the interview with Brysco below:

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