Brysco Shows Footage of Damage Done to His Car By Alleged Girlfriend “Mad Gal”

Saturday, November 4, 2023, 2:44 AM

Dancehall deejay Brysco seems to be having relationship problems after his car was scratched and tire slashed by an alleged angry girlfriend.

The Code artiste uploaded a video examining the damages done to his vehicle while cursing a number of expletives. Throughout, Brysco sounded shocked about the drastic measures taken by this mystery woman and went as far as to refer to her as a “mad gal.”



“Look weh the gal do, look. F*cking idiot dutty gal come cut me car tire, yuh feel like me care, eh?” He continued, “Look weh d f*cking gal do, tell me if dah gal yah no mad. Look weh d bombo rasscl**t gal do.”

A voice in the background could be heard asking the entertainer how the person knew of his location and he replied saying, “Bro a so dis yah dutty gal yah tan, so the gal dem tan. M*rder mi fi m*rder dah gal deh still enuh.”

See the video by Brysco below:


Brysco then posted on his Instagram story a direct message to the woman, “Sym Gyal” (Suck yuh mother). He also showed a close-up image of the damage done to his vehicle tire.

See posts below:


Since the video was uploaded, social media have given their take on the matter whereby some have found it comical while others pointed out the disrespectful words he used to describe the alleged girlfriend.

See some of the reactions below:


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