Brysco Falls Off Stage

Sunday, May 29, 2022, 11:57 AM GMT-5

Fast-rising dancehall artiste Brysco who soared to stardom with his hit single “Code” took a hit during his performance in Manchester when he abruptly fell off of the stage.

The entertainer, performing with a bottle in one hand and the microphone in the other, kicked off his performance with a message to the ladies about the so-called choppas/scammers who were faking it for the hype and deceiving women. His message to his female audience opened his November 2021 single “Where I’m From”, which he was vigorously performing with long steps.

In the middle of singing the first verse “Man born uppa Cornwall, Eh people dem seh blood lane, Glendevon mi come from, dawg mi wull eh orders, Mi neva hustle fi nuh chump change, Neva bow out fi nuh Jordan”, Brysco went too close to the edge of the stage, missed a step and fell to the ground below the stage.

He instantly jumped to his feet singing and he was quickly pulled back up onto the stage as he played off the fall with the popular slang “Nawmal a lie”.

Continuing the show, Brysco performed another track name “Cyber Crime” and then went on to address the crowd about the children participating in the adult Ensure trend. He told the female party patrons that he didn’t want to see children engaging in this “Suck Hood Wid Ensure” trend as he is a father of three girls.

The young artiste subsequently performed his single “Venture” and called out two additional singers to perform on the famous “Code” rhythm before he closed the act with the extremely popular track. However, Brysco was once again going too close to the edge and his security was on close standby, even holding to the entertainer’s shirt at one point.

Watch Brysco’s performance below.

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