Bugle Burns a Fire on Guard Rings in “Life Still Well”

Dancehall artiste Bugle just recently released a song, and a music video produced by Natural Bond entertainment and in this song, he is making fans know that “Life still well”.

In the introduction of the song, the entertainer establishes a self-sufficient attitude, by making it known that he does not need people and he rather to take a selfie than to ask someone for a picture.


The reality song continues with Bugle expressing that life in his opinion is the greatest but in the same argument, he also said he saw many great men “get fling weh”.

He also made it known he was stress-free in the chorus, gaining the blessings of Jah’s protection without the use of a guard ring.

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The culture of wearing specially made rings by “Obeah Men”, Is a widely practised thing in the Jamaican culture and more entertainers are declaring their powers these days. Bugle, however, is not one of them.

The first verse of the immaculately crafted song, finds the deejay uttering words to overcome strife, making it clear that even if there is no food available in the pot, he will still try.

The positive messages got even more powerful in the second verse with Bugle almost sounding like a teacher, talking about life process and the firmness it takes to survive.

He also outlined that hard work was key and that he rather to drink water than champagne.

The very thoughtful words from the veteran Jamaican artiste combined with the style and flow of music and video is surely a remarkable presentation on, needed wisdom.

Watch the music video for “Life Still Well” below.

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