Buju Banton Issues ‘Strong’ Warning to Jamaicans – Video

Veteran Reggae Dancehall artiste Buju Banton returns with a new warning message to Jamaicans, whom he believes are unprepared for the trials to come.

In a now circulating video, Buju expressed that some of the entertainers he loved have now sold out and are pushing “the mark of the beast” for money. Declaring that he is not an entertainer but a singer and player of instruments, Buju said he has not sold out as he received his blessing years ago for remaining true.

In addition to the media, who he said were pushing one narrative, the Destiny singer said that Jamaicans are being tricked by the government and the police because they do not know their true selves. Buju further expressed that while he cannot save everyone, he can continue speaking as he was appointed by God as a messenger to create his music.

Noting that Jamaicans are unprepared as they are unable to even grow their own food, Buju questioned how they are going to survive the trials to come.

“Unuh have to learn to do tings. Mi realise seh unuh nuh prepared. Unuh nuh know how fi farm, unuh cyah plant notting. Most a unuh cyah plant one muma b**bora**cl**t [ … ] How unuh a guh manage? Wah kine a plan unuh have fi unu self?” Buju questioned.

Buju went on to warn that many will suffer, but he is most sorry for the children, who are not being protected but exposed to filth. Speaking on Jamaica’s current political climate, the artiste said it is important that the people realise that there are still choices beyond those of the People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

However, he expressed that the people are blind to the fact that there is still an alternative because they have lost faith. Buju further stated that Jamaicans must be vigilant and seek out the truth for themselves.

“…Since the news is not the news anymore, we have to become the news. We have to become informed and educational to dissect things and impart it onto people, likewise bring up the relevant issues that are not being discussed,” Buju stated.

The outspoken deejay also took aim at the “police” for their treatment of Jamaicans when they themselves are being treated badly by the government.

Watch Buju Banton’s discussion below.

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