Queen Ifrica Speaks On Buju Banton Attending PNP Conference – Watch Video

Queen Ifrica has decided to share the alleged motive that the politicians have for recruiting public figures into their camp.

The controversial reggae artiste left a message for Jamaicans after seeing that her fellow Rastafarian countryman Buju Banton attended the annual conference of the People’s National Party (PNP) on Sunday. The Lioness Is On The Rise entertainer shared her thoughts on Buju Banton’s attendance while shedding light on what was happening in the House of Parliament.

According to Queen Ifrica, who is legally named Ventrice Morgan, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and President of the Opposition Mark Golding are now forming their armies, which include renowned public figures like Buju, to make their next move.

“So the Maroon dem seh dem was going to give the House of Parliament back to the PNP because the JLP disrespect dem,” she said, adding that Buju’s attendance was evidence that the promise was being fulfilled. 

She continued by saying that the Mark Golding she knows is a good person with a good heart. She also described him as someone who has pure intentions for Jamaica.

Ifrica subsequently said that there are two sides to the PNP, one side representing Norman and Michael Manley, while the other side strives to be the “face of homosexuality in Jamaica.” Meanwhile, she claimed that the JLP is trying to get as many homosexuals into their party as possible to show diversity.

“Mark Golding is in the fight of his life to prove to Jamaican people that him is a true heterosexual Christian man who love the original format of what family values, and also the development of the country really means,” she oitlined.

Watch the video of Queen Ifrica below:

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