Buju Banton Turns Up To Rally In Support Of PNP – Watch Video

Buju Banton shocked and dumbfounded many of his fans as he appeared at the annual People National Party (PNP) conference, which concluded hours ago. The Gargamel, dressed in the bright orange colours of the PNP, graced the stage at the event briefly, to much fanfare and amazement, showing his support as the national elections draw near.

Videos now circulating online captured the moments the announcer at the event welcomed the singer on stage; Buju Banton walked nonchalantly up the stairs leading to the main stage; a woman greeted him, but the artiste seemed to ignore the woman he then raised a fist to a large crowd in attendance before making his way off the stage.

However, fans of the Reggae\Dancehall artiste were left stunned by the viral footage showing him at the political conference, seeing that Buju Banton has always been vocal about not mixing himself with politics, furthermore, his daughter Jodian Myrie is a member of the opposing party, the JLP.

In recent times, Banton has appeared in several viral videos bashing the current ruling party of Jamaica, the Labour Party (JLP).

In addition, critics of the performer’s actions question his stance on identifying as a Rastaman since most members of the Rastafarian community are strongly opposed to participating in politics in general.

One of the videos was uploaded by Nationwide via Instagram with the caption, “Legendary Dancehall Artiste, Buju Banton, whose given name is Mark Myrie, arrives at the Annual PNP Conference, merging into the sea of orange-clad supporters.”

Commenters under the Instagram post weigh in on Buju Banton’s choice.

One commenter outlined, “Nuh buju sing “Politics time again” .. and tell we say we fool fi go vote and ballot box fi empty on voting day !!! A wah di rass claat dis Fyah ? …. 1 Sizzla Kolonji yer dat.”

“I just lost all respect for him,” queennanny7777 commented.

Another commenter who agreed with the entertainer stated, ” ABSOLUTELY…MP Myrie lets give them something to talk about…FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. Boooom.”

And aldonisprosporus wrote, “Him is the worst, I could never have my daughter in politics and not support her. Him heart dutty!.”

See the videos below:

Buju Banton Attends PNP Confrence

Also, check out the video below:

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