Buju Banton Speaks His Mind on SSL, Jamaicans, Teachers, Social Issues, and Government – Watch Video

Veteran Reggae artiste Buju Banton returns to his usual online diatribe to give his views on the latest update surrounding fraud riddle financial institution SSL as well as other social issues in Jamaica on a whole. The entertainer says he is not more intelligent than other Jamaicans, but his use of common sense allows him to see what most people overlook.

According to the Hills and Valley artiste, as it relates to SSL benefitting from taxpayers’ dollars to fund its operation, he is wondering how long will the Jamaican population take to rise against and wake up to the issues facing Jamaica.

Buju Banton outlined his frustration with the news surrounding SSL by stating, “A wah kinda investigation a cost 14 million to 15 million dollars a month, wah the rawtid backside this? Jamaican people, we inna a problem, we inna deep shit uno nuh smell it.”

As per Buju Banton in his assessment of the current state of Jamaican political leaders, “We are surrounded by enemies of progress my people, and until we realize we are surrounded by enemies of progress we shall always be surrounded by enemies of progress.” 

Gargamel also reacted to the recent news announced by the Ministry of Education, which reveals that at least 400 teachers are slated to resign ahead of the new school term. Buju Banton says that the report doesn’t harbour well for the future of Jamaica; he also states that it may be a deliberate plan to get rid of human teachers out of the classrooms in preparation for the artificial intelligence (AI) age.

“Who did dunce already ago dunce a now dem ago mad, we inna problem, world we inna problem, we nuh know maybe them orchestrated this bullshit too cause them want everything to go digital enuh, so maybe them a get rid a the teacher dem fi replace them with computers me nuh know,” Buju Banton questioned.

See the video below:


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