Calls Growing for Buju Banton To Reintstate “Boom Bye Bye” in his Catalogue

Foota Hype joined the many calls for Buju Banton to incorporate his mega-hit Boom Bye Bye in his live performances again; the dancehall selector says Buju Banton’s decision to stop performing and remove the song from various streaming platforms cut him deeply.

“Put back yuh song inna yuh program, we want to hear Buju Banton singing and utter those words today, not last year, not year before last, not ten years ago today, now, when we go a Buju concert we waa hear it we waa able fi go buy it pon iTunes and buy it pon everything else we hungry fi it, we play it every night but we waa hear we deejay a sing it,” Foota Hype declared.


Foota Hype also says he sometimes sees the hurt and temptation within Buju Banton to perform the song once again in his live performances. The selector encourages Buju Banton to stop thinking about getting cancelled and the financial repercussions that will come from him performing the controversial song seeing that he is already wealthy.

As Foota explains, “Buju yuh nuh have nuttin fi lose yuh rich 100 millon house 100 million car 100 million bike money in a bank caa done, a wah happen to yuh man, yuh nuh need dem, nuttin dem a tell yuh seh yuh nuh need, all if yuh nuh fly again fi yuh rest a yuh life yuh good, if yuh nuh sing a next song fi yuh rest a yuh life yuh good, if yuh nuh do a next show fi yuh rest a yuh life yuh good you cannot bruk.”

The outspoken selector concluded his plea to Buju Banton by telling him that he has a responsibility to help ‘hold up’ Jamaica culture given his influence.

See the video below:


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