Queen Ifrica Calls for Jamaicans to Boycott TVJ, Tells Spice “Tek Off Yuh Dutty Wig” and Help Save Black Women – Watch Video

Queen Ifrica has called on Jamaicans to boycott Television Jamaica (TVJ) due to what she suggested is a pro-gay agenda being pushed by the local television station. Ifrica called for the boycott on a recent live stream, during which the reggae artiste also called on Minister Marion Hall and Spice to do their part in saving Jamaica.

Ifrica said TVJ was being utilised as a means to kill the Jamaican culture by airing gay content during prime time hence the popular station should be boycotted until the country’s true culture is once again highlighted. Ifrica went on to request an apology from journalist and host of TVJ’s Profile, Archibald Gordon, as well as journalist Milton Walker.


According to Ifrica, Walker produced the news segment hosted by Gordon, during which it was falsely reported that her work permit was withdrawn by the Canadian Government after homophobic statements made at the Grand Gala in 2013.


The Lioness On The Rise singer shared that there was an attempt to boycott her internationally, similar to what had been done to Buju Banton, but expressed that she could not be silenced. Stating that there was evil roaming at TVJ and several churches in the country, Ifrica called on Christians and Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, to help fight against the attack on Jamaica.

“…Are you a witch Lady Saw? Or are you a true Jamaican goddess weh have the ability ina yuh fi come save some a dem girl deh weh mi see [ … ] by strapping on yuh bumboclt boot [ … ] and cum back ina di ghetto come walk round wid yuh bumboclt bible,” Ifrica stated.

Addressing dancehall artiste Spice, Ifrica said she believes what had been said about her by her alleged former obeah man, RT Boss. Ifrica expressed that Spice’s health could easily be improved if she turned away from the devil and uplifted the women who look up to her.

“Tek off yuh bl*doclt wig one a dem day yah and show yuh natural self mek dem see seh dem have a natural self [ … ] Tek off di dutty wig offa yuh head likkle bit,” Ifrica requested.

Ifrica went on to speak more on TVJ’s alleged homosexual agenda and advised the people watching the live stream to record it as her social media pages were being shadowbanned. The artiste added that she would be calling a press conference soon.

Watch the video below.


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