Buju Banton may rake in US$100,000 for a Performance

March 30, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]Promoters and other officials in the Music industry believe that Buju has made enough hit songs and has enough fans to make it possible for him to demand US$100,000 for performing at an event. When Popcaan and other younger artistes have earned that for their performances, it is believed that Buju Banton can demand that amount and more.

The Dancehall Superstar has been incarcerated for many years and he is booked to perform in Trinidad and Tobago in April 2019. However, it has been said that his first performance will be booked for a show in Jamaica. This is what Buju Banton wants, he believes performing at home first is the best thing he can do, when he is released. He knows how much Jamaicans love him and wants to see him and he doesn’t want them to be disappointed.


Promoters pay when they believe an artiste has a lot of fans and they will have a large crowd at their events. So Buju Banton is someone who will pull in a large crowd, as he has a lot of hit songs out there and he has not performed for a long time. 

Buju’s bookings are being handled by ‘Best of the Best Entertainment’ the promoters of the ‘Love and Harmony Cruise’, and he will be released from his incarceration on Dec 8. His fans supported him throughout his trial and now they can’t wait to see him. Wherever he goes when he gets to Jamaica there will be a welcome home party.

The concert in T&T May Not Be the First After Buju Prison Release.


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