Buju Banton Visits Chief Richard Currie in Accompong Town

Veteran Jamaican musician Buju Banton was spotted holding a chat with Chief Richard Currie in Accompong Town, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica. While we are unaware as to what the conversation was about and how long ago was this conversation, most people are of the view that it was a “Positive vibration” between the two leaders.

One person saw the photo and commented, “Man look i wanna join…n stand for something” while another said, “Buju…is new music we need right now…music.”

Buju Banton and Chief Richard Currie

One person, in particular, was not happy to see the two men talking and commented, “Chief don’t listen to that mad man.”

Just days ago fellow entertainer Vybz Kartel also staked his claim in being a Maroon, by lineage. Vybz Kartel, shocked a lot of people when he posted a picture of former Colonel of the nation Chief Sydney Peddie asserting that he is his great-grandfather. Chief Richard Currie reposted the content confirming the status as seen below.

It would be a great look to see more entertainers stand up for the Sovereign nation of people, in their fight against people determined to rip the culture and lands apart for monetary gain.

Recently, Currie also posted videos, showing alleged Policemen who visited the Maroon-occupied lands, demanding that the indigenous people who occupy the area in the cockpit country give them payment or else they will have their crops burnt and taken which they have already done.

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