Buju Banton’s Return

Saturday, November 17, 2018, 1:54 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]The return of the Jamaican Icon Buju Banton is highly anticipated by his fans, as he has been locked up in prison in the US for 10 years.

No one knows if he will be forgiven and supported in the same way he was supported before, but there are some persons who believe he might be treated well, as he served a 10 year sentence in the US and he has paid for his crime.

When Jamaicans heard about the case in the US and how Buju was caught while he was involved in a drug deal, a lot of Jamaicans thought he was being framed because of his song “Boom by, by” but eventually evidence was produced and everyone was sure that he did the crime. A lot of Jamaicans would not be upset if he was caught selling ganja, as that is a Jamaican herb that Rastafarians use. Finding out that he was caught with cocaine was a hard thing for many persons to get over, and the release of the video that was used as evidence in the case made matter worse.

However, since he served his sentence he might be forgiven and seen as a Prodigal son, who is returning to his family.

His Manager Donovan Jermaine has told persons that he won’t be performing until March of 2019. He is the one who has guided Buju from the beginning of his career and it is good that Buju is still working with him.

The Reggae Icon has a huge catalogue because he consistently produced high quality music for many years. After the controversial song “Boom by, by” had caused the persons in the Homosexual community to condemn the artiste, he released “Til Shiloh” and his career was still doing well. After 10 years a lot of changes has taken place in the business, a lot of new artistes are on the scene and it is possible that his fans could be loving new music.

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