Bunna-Man stabbed to death

Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 7:16 AM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]Fued Caused by Cheating Woman ends with Death of one Man, The police are now searching for a 24 year old fisherman in St Thomas. It is alleged that he chopped a 26 year old farmer to death. 

After there was an argument that started because the farmer slept with the fisherman’s girlfriend and a machete was used to chop the farmer on different parts of his body, one of his hand was almost totally removed.

It is alleged that the incident took place on Sunday at 10pm and the persons in the community where it took place, are left in shock.

It was reported that the injured man ran after he was wounded, but he fell and the persons who saw him took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, and the fisherman escaped.

The Morant Bay police have been investigating the murder and they have found the machete that was used in the murder in a yard.

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