Bunny Wailer’s Sister Tells Singer’s Children To Take DNA Test To Benefit From Will

Sunday, December 5, 2021, 2:09 PM GMT-5

The younger sister of the late Reggae legend Bunny Wailer, Donna Livingston-Carridice has sent a message to the children of “Jah B” that they should take a DNA test and prove that the singer is indeed their father before they can benefit from the will left behind by him.

According to reports from Carridice, the children of the Reggae Star have been putting Carlton Livingston the eldest co-executor of the estate and his family under many ordeals, the sister of Bunny even stated the tension has even caused attacks on her brother and his wife.

This is one of the reasons why Livingston-Carridice says she is pushing for urgent DNA testing of the children before they are allowed to respond to the benefits that “Jah B” left behind for them.

According to Dancehall Mag who initially brought the story and even got a copy of the will, one of the singer’s sons by the name of Abijah had gone to the extent of requesting the will from the court with a co-executor lawyer based on them finding an issue with the document.

It is reported that Abijah and the lawyer got access to the will however, had to bring it back to the court after being said to have had it for too long without justification.

At this point Livingston Carridice, says that the son of Bunny Wailer wants the family to gather and have a discussion; however, she thinks it is too late and it is time for the children to do their DNA tests.

In terms of number, 13 names are said to have been documented in the will as children of Bunny Wailer however, the provision it includes which speaks to the estate taking care of any children under 18 until they are of age, allows for any undocumented child of the entertainer with DNA proof to come forward and claim benefits as well.

The sister of the Reggae Legend expressed much aggravation towards the conflicts that the family has been going through as it has forced two of her brothers not to attend the funeral of “Jah B” in June, due to receiving death threats.

She also stated that a major part of the conflict arose from Abijah, and the lawyer challenging what Carridice says was outlined by Bunny Wailer. The singer is well known for the classic “Blackheart Man” song, as well as for his time spent as a part of the Wailers, singing alongside Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. 

Bunny Wailer passed away on March 2nd of this year at the age of 73. As it relates to DNA testing, Carridice outlines that any child of the Reggae Legend ready to benefit from the will need to do the DNA test at a lab in New Kingston which will come for 43,000 dollars.

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