Burna Boy’s Trinidad Concert is in Jeopardy!

Friday, December 16, 2022, 7:43 PM GMT-5

Popular African singer Burna Boy (whose given name is Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu), who is scheduled to have his long-awaited and much-anticipated performance in Jamaica, may have to apologize to his Trinidadian fans for an upset. On Wednesday, Trinidad and Tobago Newsday released an article stating that one of the promoters for the Love Damini Tour to bring the Nigerian artist to Trinidad was threatening to go to court just to have the concert cancelled.

Based on the information given to the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, the attorneys for Cash Money Brothers Promotion, Marika Trim and Farai Hove Maisasai are proclaiming that the other organization with which they were partnered to bring the artiste to the country to perform, SM Promotions, participated in activities to undermine them out of their contract.

Attorney Trim declared that Michael Durham of Cash Money Brothers Promotion entered into a legally binding contract to have the African sensation perform at Hasely Stadium on December 16, but it was later agreed that it would move to the North Section of the Queen’s Park Savannah on December 17.

Attorney Marika Trim wrote to SM Promotions, advising them to stop all arrangements to have the concert held at O2 Park Chaguaramas because of the events that had transpired. The attorney also made it clear that they wanted back all the money that Cash Money Brothers Promotions had used to get the artiste to Trinidad to perform. They also stated that they wanted to be compensated for losses they suffered as a result of their reputation being damaged locally. The organization was given a 2 p.m. Thursday deadline to respond to their demands.

Marika Trim claimed that at some point Michael Durham gave confidential information, which included Damini’s rider, the contract, proposed sponsors, approval for both venues, the stage setup, and the budget for the entire event, to other stakeholders such as Shawn Moses of SM Promotions and Osita Ugeh of Duke Concepts, among others. They had the intention of coming together for the show.

Trim’s letter stated that Durham contacted Burna Boys agents with the intention of making a deposit towards his private transportation when he was told that it wouldn’t be accepted because he did not hold up his part of the bargain, according to Trinidad and Tobago Newsday. They also mentioned that attorney Trim came to the conclusion that there was a conspiracy that brought other investors to book Burna Boy while her client was already selling tickets.

Lastly, Trims’ letter also stated the specific breeches they are having issues with, and similar letters were sent to others who are involved. Burna Boy’s “Love Damini” tour is scheduled to see him also perform in Jamaica and Antigua.

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