Bus Driver “Macaroni” Tired of Bad Attention caused by Video

Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 8:35 AM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]Patrick Harris who is called Macaroni is now becoming a well known Jamaican, simply because of a video that has started circulating on the internet. Someone recorded it while he was driving a coaster bus through deep water on a flooded Portland road. Someone else was there thinking out loud and simply said “A weh Macaroni a go”. The simple act and the few words that were spoken have been added to other videos and that is how Macaroni has become famous.

Macaroni has had that pet name since he was a boy, but now he is the father of seven children. These children are being taunted at school because of the video. It is amazing how Social Media has changed the way we live. Macaroni has now become a popular person and thinks he will need to disguise himself when he is leaving his home.

He thinks it is time for him and the person who spoke the few famous words to start earning from the video. Fame without cash is not so easy to handle it seems. His children should not be teased and put down because of such a simple act. It is time for the social media madness to end. There is much better ways for people to spend their time.

At first Macaroni didn’t think the video was anything that he should pay much attention to. But now that his children are being harassed and persons are earning from the video as they use the few words and the voice of the person who said “ weh Macaroni a go” . Macaroni has changed his mind.

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