Cannabis Retail Store Opened in Kingston, Jamaica

Sunday, July 22, 2018, 9:23 AM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]The first seed-to-sale cannabis retail store was recently opened in the Market place on Constant Spring Road in Kingston, Jamaica. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony and that signified the beginning of the sale of medical cannabis in Jamaica.

Brothers Karibe and Dwayne McKenzie are the owners of the business and it is licensed by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) and they are planning to encourage Jamaicans to learn more about the therapeutic plant as they continue expanding their business, so they can supply the overseas market as well.


The Maroon drummers from Accompong, Jesse Royal Bugle, Queen Ifrica, Tosh Alexander, DJ Gabre, Dub Club and Tony Rebel, provided entertainment for the event EPICAN is now employing over 50 local farmers in the Blue Mountains at the growing facility. They are educating the public on the healing benefits of Cannabis by sponsoring Rebel Salute’s Herb Curb. Their tagline is educate, medicate, elevate.

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