Capleton and His Views About the Current State of Dancehall

The Fire Man entertainer spoke about the Jamaican entertainment business and how competitive it is. He mentioned the clashes between the artistes that were simply lyrical and said he doesn’t believe the young artistes would be able to handle the clashes.

He said he is not into clashing, but he has clash music, just in case he is in a situation where he needs it.
When the young artistes perform with music that sounds different from what is being streamed online and fans detect a problem, this will cause them to have a career that is not long-lasting, they need to work on their stagecraft, he believes.

He also added his thoughts about the dancehall music that is being sampled by many foreign mainstream artistes, as dancehall is now the music that is making the artistes get more fans and the Billboard charts have more foreign dancehall artistes than Jamaican artistes these days.

The quality of the music that is being produced in Jamaica by most of the young artistes are not of high quality, because the lyrics are not positive. There are a lot of new artistes and songs, but many of them are about guns and killing.

This is bad for both the Jamaican entertainers and the Jamaican music business. “Artistes need to have an Anthem”, he said. That is a song that is loved by a lot of people and people know it all over the world, and if they don’t have it, they should be working towards having it in their catalogue.

“We need to value what we have” he said before he spoke about the young artistes experimenting with trap because they don’t realize that dancehall music is what the people love, so they don’t need to try to do anything different to get the attention of anyone.” He is willing to share his knowledge with the upcoming artistes as he continues in a special way to keep on doing very energetic performances.

He believes, Kanye West, Rihanna and a lot of other mainstream artistes are sampling the music as they try to remain relevant in the music industry and the youth need to respect the older entertainers and learn from them so they can protect dancehall.

He said, “In the early years it took blood sweat and tears to get your music out there, but now the internet has caused everything pertaining to the marketing of music to be simple.”

Capleton will be returning to St. Mary as he didn’t want to move his show ‘St Mary Mi Come From’ to Kingston in the first place, but the rain fell and caused it to be canceled and he needed a place that is covered. He plans to put on an event there during the time when he is celebrating Emperor Selasie’s crowning.

When he spoke about the ‘noise abatement act’ he said parties should be kept far from residential areas so that people can party all night.

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