Cardi B Goes Off On Instagram – Watch Video

American rapper Cardi B has put Instagram on blast for the changes the social media platform has implemented, which she has explicitly expressed were “f**king up people’s lives.” Ranting in a recent live stream, the Bodak Yellow artiste went off on Instagram while naming the changes that did not sit well with her, such as the changes to the algorithm for posts and the removal of the views feature on videos.

The change to the Instagram post algorithm has been a frequent debate, in which people have expressed that their posts are not reaching a wide audience. Instagram ranks content on the platform and pushes the most relevant posts, giving them the most visibility. According to Cardi B and several Instagram users, the platform is not giving people the right amount of visibility they deserve. “Now yall not even putting our pictures in the algorithm? What the f**k is that?” Cardi asked.

Instagram also removed the views feature from the video posts that allowed users to see the number of views and who the viewers were. Addressing this, Cardi said, “This is the thing yall do with the videos that I don’t f**king like. What yall don’t understand is people watch videos, but, unlike pictures, they barely like it. So yall took off the views, and yall left the likes.”

She continued to express that she was unhappy with the changes, which she said were “f**king up the platform” because the programmers were fixing something that did not need fixing and, in doing so, they were sabotaging themselves. “We love this platform, but yall f**king it up for us. Yall want us to go to Twitter or something?” Cardi asked. “Yall want us to go to the ghettos of Twitter?”

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