Cardi B “Invasion of Privacy” Going to the Top

[Sharingbuttons]Cardi B surely has a lot of talent and it is not a surprise that her album is heading for the No.1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart, with her album “Invasion of Privacy”. According to what the music industry insiders are saying. 

After her sudden rise in 2017 that shattered records, she never stopped puttin out new music. She rose to the challenges and overcame them all. And now she has one of the most exciting Rap albums to be released in many years. She worked constantly, putting out mixed tapes as she becamr more popular. 


The timing of her debut album was perfect, she knew what to do to make it to the top and she executed her plan very well.

It is her first Studio Album and people are always going after things that are new, not saying the music is not good. 

If Cardi B hits No.1 she will be 5th female Rap artist to make it with a debut album. This would be good for her career. She would be the first since 2012, as she would follow Nicki Minaj with “Pink Friday”. Eve .with “Let there be Eve” , Foxy Brown with Chyna Doll and Lauryn Hill with the miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
The Billboard 200 chart uses multi-metric consumption to choose the albums ranking. This includes, Streaming Equivalent Albums (SEA), Tracking Equivalent Albums (TEA) and Traditional Album Sales. 


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