Cedella Continues Bob Marley’s Mission To Spread His Music Worldwide

Sunday, September 19, 2021, 9:38 PM GMT-5

In a recent talk with the guardian website, the daughter of legendary Reggae superstar, Cedella Marley spoke about her experience growing up with her dad until his passing in 1981 as well as the well-respected legacy he left behind and how it concerns her playing a part to have it continuously spread worldwide.

In reminiscing about growing up with her father, the notable businesswoman said that she had some really special memories of her father, especially the times he used to go out in the mornings and check for her before he leaves, also doing the same when he gets back home. One thing she noted about Bob Marley is that he was always rehearsing.

According to Cedella one of her greatest memories of him was when he opened for the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson when they visited Jamaica. That moment was a very special one for her, especially among her school peers since other students’ parents often told them not to mix with the Marley children.

Cedella is now the CEO of Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong label, and with that responsibility, the daughter of the Reggae legend has hands in the music, merchandise and Publishing that the label focuses on.

Even though there were people that said that Cedella’s father’s music and legacy would not last, however, according to the well-established businesswoman, those talks up to this day have been proven wrong, which is something she said Bob was able to see, attributing his prophetic gift to him being a mystic and a seer.

Some of the facts that Marley’s daughter outlined that shows her father’s continued impact is the fact that his name has consistently appeared on the Forbes list for top-earning dead celebrities, as well as his “Legend” album which has appeared on the Reggae Billboard chart for 694 straight weeks.

Accompanying the well-recognized entertainer’s music accomplishments is the House Of Marley brand which Cedella states sell different apparel such as T-shirts, smoking paraphernalia, portable speakers, hats, Cannabis and headphones which has licensed operations in 50 countries. The House of Marley Brand also has Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley and Rohan Marley as main members of the board.

Another project that Cedella told the guardian was initiated for Bob’s cause is a Children’s book series by the name of “Marley and the Family Band”, which were created from her father’s songs.

She also spoke of a Musical entitled “Get Up, Stand Up”, dedicated to acting out the life of her dad, that will be launched in October at the lyric theatre in London.

Currently, Bob Marley’s net worth is estimated to be $32 million in value however, that number is obviously temporary when considering the number of businesses and assets currently generating funds for the Marley family which automatically adds to the musician’s great legacy that is split between his wife Rita Marley and his 11 acknowledged children.

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