Cedella Marley Says Bob Marley Would Have Been A Ganja Farmer If Alive

Cedella Marley recently had a chat with MailOnline and as expected the conversation revolved around the life of her father Bob Marley and her experience with him, however, they did touch on the topic of Marijuana, with the first daughter of the reggae legend-making quite an interesting claim.

The marijuana talk was not the first thing touched on though, as Cedella highlighted to the news medium how she is grateful she is to have had her father and how happy he was to have her.

Bob Marley weed

Their special relationship was outlined by the King of Reggae’s daughter, by her letting MailOnline in on the secret that the song “Nice Time” sung by Bob was written for her whose nickname is also “Nice Time”.

As such Cedella expressed that whenever the energy around her does not feel right, that particular song is something she always plays. 

It was evident that the first daughter of Bob Marley was basking in the moment of reflecting on her Dad, as she even predicted what her father would be doing if he was still alive.


As it relates to that prediction, Cedella expressed that she thinks Bob would have been a Ganja farmer if he was still alive, especially in the UK since she claims no one plants the crop there and her father spent quite a while there. 

In speaking further about cannabis she made reference to the plant as the healing of the nation, and even though she explained to MailOnline that she does not know where her father got his herb from in England, making it legal is something she would love to make happen even if she has to start a movement.

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