Charly Black And Team Experience Racial Profiling At New Jersey Airport

Thursday, May 5, 2022, 3:23 PM GMT-5

After Charly Black and his team reportedly experienced racial profiling at the Newark Airport in New Jersey, his manager Julian Jones-Griffith made it known that there are plans to file a formal complaint. This comes after the deejay stated that his team was forcibly searched and restrained from boarding a flight to Israel with their phones and wallets they had planned for the 3rd of May.

According to Jones, they thought that such a circumstance was not possible due to the fact that Black was in communication with the head of the airline security. As a way forward though, Jones told the Jamaica Star who she initially spoke with about the matter that they have secured the details of the airline security company to proceed with their complaint.

The entertainer expressed his mind about the circumstance that he and his team experienced in a sequence of Instagram story posts, where he made his fans know that he will no longer be making it to Israel even though he was scheduled to be there by 2 pm on the 4th of May.

As for racism, the deejay admitted its existence, however, made mention that he had never before experienced it as he did. He also went ahead and make it known that the person who was dealing with his team at the airport was doing everything in his power to disallow them from boarding their flight. He went ahead and even outlined that racial profiling was something he had experienced in Europe but not on the level he did while in the United States.

Charly Black is no stranger to Israel either as he did a performance in the country in October of 2019 which was reported to be a sold-out show, and for this year his live show was planned as a part of the Israeli Independence celebrations. When it concerns currency, there is no limit to what can be brought into the country, however, an amount of 80,000 Israeli Shekels and more have to be declared but the entertainer did say that he had less than that with him.

All the deejay said he had was enough money to take care of food, water and travel costs.

Where the search is considered, the “Call Upon You” artiste explained on his Instagram that he and his teams were placed in separate rooms for 2 and half hours, which made them eventually miss their flight which caused them to have to return to Jamaica without getting a refund or an apology.

Watch Charly Black talking about racism below.

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