Charly Black Asked About Spice’s Pride Performance… Watch His Reaction

Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 12:19 PM

Prism Marketing Consultants, a media marketing and entertainment company situated in Florida, recently posted an Instagram reel of an interview with Dancehall artiste Charly Black being asked about his viewpoint of Spice’s performance at the Pride Weekend event in Toronto Canada the past weekend. 

It was announced back in November of 2021 that Spice would be performing at the LGBTQIA Parade Weekend 2022 for which she received much backlash from her colleagues in the business. She was slated to perform on Friday, June 24 as a headliner for the event. Her performance was labelled as a political statement. 


Charly Black seemed affronted when he was asked, “what do you think about Spice who is a huge Dancehall figure coming to play and perform at a Pride Festival?” In an interview done in Canada. 

The Artiste tried to cause as little controversy as possible by replying, “when yuh see Spice yuh ask her that”. To the answer given, the interviewer could only respond with okay.  

Charly seemed to have taken a very serious approach to the question and brushed it off as politely as possible. Given the responses in the comment section of the post, he made the correct decision to not add fuel to the fire. 

Many public viewers who have seen the exchange highly agree with his statement and have left remarks on the Instagram reel such as, “right cause these interviewers always trying to breed animosity”, and “can’t get a better answer man nuh have nothing fi seh ask her yuh self when yuh see her. Man a focus pan himself”. 

Watch the video clip below.

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