Chelsea Fan Racially Abused Raheem Sterling

Monday, December 10, 2018, 3:56 PM GMT-5

Raheem Sterling, the young black Football player who has spoken out about racism, went to retrieve a ball and a group of Chelsea fans decided to berate him, a white middle aged man also called him a Black con, and he was caught on camera. Now the officials are banning him from the games for the rest of his life.
The Chelsea fans and other persons have been posting and commenting about the issue of social media a lot, since the incident happened in the biggest game of the weekend.

There are some persons who believe it is very embarrassing for a person to be racist in a time when persons are more educated than before. Even though the racist fan will be banned there are some persons who believe the players and the managers of the Chelsea team should come out and say something more about what the fan did.

Racism has been a problem in England for a long time and there are persons have said it is impossible to change people’s minds. However, more can be done to erase the problem, the leaders of these country’s can speak out against racism more.

These white racist people cheer and feel good whenever a black player scores a goal for their favorite club, so it is clear that they need to think more before they open their mouths and say degrading things about Black players who are simply playing a game.

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