Chris Gayle Challenges Usain Bolt to a Race – Watch Video

After accusing Usain Bolt of avoiding a previous faceoff, iconic Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle has challenged the track legend to test his skills on the track. The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is scheduled to unfold this summer from June 1–29, with Bolt, a lover of the sport, named as an ambassador for the tournament on Wednesday.

The former sprinter is also friends with Gayle, who is highly regarded as one of the country’s best cricketers.


While the pair may be long-time friends, there appears to be quite a healthy dose of competitive spirit between the former athletes. During his track and field career, Bolt, who played cricket before switching to sprinting, momentarily returned to the cricket pitch for a charity cricket match hosted by Gayle.

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During an interview for the upcoming T20 tournament, Gayle reflected on the match, specifically Bolt, who outed the former West Indies batsman during the match. Gayle acknowledged the defeat during the interview and admitted that Bolt had a good throw.

Gayle also shared that after the match, he challenged Bolt to a race on the track but said the track and field star has still not accepted because he is afraid. Dismissing Bolt’s statements that he could not run, Gayle went on to challenge the former athlete to a race once again.

“Usain Bolt, get your spikes ready; I’m ready. If you want to bring any other athletes, you know, Yohan, Asafa, anyone [ … ] somebody got to come forth, and it’s not me,” Gayle stated.

Watch the video with Gayle and Bolt below.

Chris Gayle Challenges Usain Bolt to Race
Chris Gayle Challenges Usain Bolt to Race 1

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