Rebel and Chris Gayle ‘Daggering’ at Party, Swiss Lee Reacts – Watch Videos

Social media has been buzzing with a video of Jamaican dancer Rebel and former cricketer Chris Gayle after the two surfaced in a video daggering each other at an event. The unexpected pair ignited excitement on the internet, with Rebel doing what she is good at, dancing her ass off, and Chris Gayle matching her energy in an impressive way.

The short video showed Rebel in Chris Gayle’s arms with her legs and arms around him as he remained in a crouched position, allowing her to whine on him.



The two were surrounded by patrons, who were excitedly watching and filming them. There was also an onlooker who was throwing money at Rebel.

Following Rebel’s display of what her waistline could do, Chris Gayle took charge, daggering the female.

Watch the video of Rebel and Chris Gayle below:

The video has not only attracted many social media users but also caught the attention of Rebel’s rumoured boyfriend, Swiss Lee.

Swiss and Rebel, who have consistently portrayed a relationship on TikTok, are said to have been together for some time now. However, there are people who still question if their relationship is just a comedic act or if it is truly sincere.

Swiss, who resides overseas, addressed the viral video during a TikTok livestream. He told his fans that he was now single because he was not going to let any woman take him for a fool, and Chris Gayle had won.

“Mek she gwan wid Chris Gayle, mi will find somebody… All money a throw pan har enuh… Mi done,” he said and started sniffling, which led to his watchers encouraging him not to cry.

“Mi nah mek nuh gyal tek mi fi ediat enuh and put nuh celebrity ova mi enuh…Mi gone to e streets….Chris Gayle win caw him richer than me by miles,” he continued.

Watch the videos of Swiss Lee below:



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