Chris Gayle Talks Upcoming Collaboration With Shaggy And Sean Paul Plus His Dancehall Endeavours

Jamaican Cricketer Chris Gayle is paving a career in the music industry and he is already being praised in India, where the famous batter is adorned as a “God”, while he has not received recognition for his music in his native land.

Chris Gayle, who is wildly known as one of the greatest batsmen in cricket, is having the time of his life, jet skiing and partying while he puts in hard work to reach new heights as a musical artiste. One of his top expected projects will be a collaboration with veterans Sean Paula and Shaggy.

As for the music that he has already done, Gayle was featured on “Jamaica To India” by Indian singer Emiway Bantai. On YouTube, the music has racked up 54 million views since it was released one year ago.

Gayle is featured on Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica The Asian Edition, as well as on Shav-A’s single “Gimmi Your Love”. Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica is produced by Jamaican producer Sean “Contractor” Edwards, who has received Billboard awards for earlier editions.

 When Gayle was asked by TVJ Entertainment Report Interviewer how he is treated in India given his cricketing career, he responds by saying he is treated “like a God”. He continued by explaining that the game is worshipped so much in India that all cricketers are treated like a “King” as the Indians even touch their feet.

Additionally, he stated that he knows he will have to put in extra work to be recognized as an artiste in the Caribbean, but he is completely prepared for the critics.

Gayle stated that his lavish lifestyle plays a big part in his musical career because it provides many inspirations.

Sending his respects to track and field legend Usain Bolt, he highlighted that the music that A-Team is producing sounds good. He stressed that the music industry needs to “put respect” on both his name and Bolt’s name, expressing that the industry needs artistes like them in the game.

‘’Usain Bolt, Chris Gayle, put some respect on our name and give us our credits when it’s due,” he outlined.

He explained that his name is powerful enough to open many doors, and, feeling that he is being “taken for granted” with his kindness being taken for weakness, he has decided to use his name.

Gayle, who is currently being managed by Triple Century Records, also shared that he will be meeting with the CEO of Downsound Entertainment, Josef Bogdanovich for Reggae Sumfest.

As for Cricket, Chris Gayle is still getting calls to take up the bat, as the game “needs” him.

Another project to look forward to is a documentary in which Chris Gayle will be revealing any and everything that needs to be said. The documentary will be shot in Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Australia, India and Dubai

Watch Chris Gayle’s interview below.

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