Chris Must List’s Family Cries Out for Help

Thursday, May 30, 2024, 4:09 PM

Following his arrest in Trinidad, the family of Canadian YouTuber Christopher Hugh reached out to his fans hours ago, as they pleaded for help to have him released.

Hugh, who operates the YouTube channel Chris Must List, was detained on Tuesday by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) after sharing multiple videos interacting with Trinidadian gang members.


Earlier today, Hugh’s family released a statement and shared that he has still not been released from police custody despite the authorities having no reason to keep him detained.

The statement, which was shared via his YouTube channel, also alleged that Huge had not been allowed to see his lawyer and was questioned without the presence of one. The family further disclosed that the authorities intend to keep him detained for the next four days.

“They want to keep him for another 4 days or more and have no reason to. We’ve been in touch with a lawyer in Trinidad who is to represent him but they are not giving him the opportunity to have him present to assist Chris further [ … ] He is currently being held unlawfully and without basic rights! Please support and make it known that Chris Must List should be released immediately!” the family wrote.

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Their statement went on to call for his fans to protest at the Port of Spain Police Station to pressure the authorities to have the YouTuber released. The YouTube post also included a link to a petition to have him freed.

Following his arrest, multiple videos on Huge’s channel filmed in Trinidad with local gang members have been removed.

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