Christopher “Dog Paw” Linton Does First Interview Since Being Freed

It has almost been one month since Christopher “Dog Paw” Linton, has been released from prison since winning his appeal for charges of shooting with intent and possession of an illegal firearm which was laid against him 8 years ago after he and co-accused Micah Allen was accused, of shooting at some policemen while they were travelling through Tavern Drive.

Loop News was lucky to get the first interview from the very intelligent Linton, who let them know that it has been a tremendous feeling being now a free man.


Even though “Dog Paw” is free, however, he explained in the interview that he is growing in fear due to him being constantly harassed by members of the JCF, who he claims have been targeting any vehicles associated with him.

Linton told Loop news that the police have already pulled over vehicles he and his baby mother were in several times, even with the children in the car.

“Dog Paw” however stated that now that he is a free man he is looking to set a food example, for the youths so that they can steer their futures in the right direction.

He also commended the justice system, in the interview for the work that they put in to prove his innocence which he also declared while talking to the newsgroup.

Even though now free, “Dog Paw” is still facing the stress of losing his brother and other close associates which took place while he was behind bars, so it was understood clearly when he told the interviewer that he had to get his mind to a place where he was mentally ready to fit back in with society.

Linton was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the charges laid against him however, he only spent 8 years after his conviction was overturned by an appeal.

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Check out the Interview below.

The interview was split into multiple parts, and the second section will be premiering on Loop’s website on May 9th.

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