Chronixx Speaks to Hot 97 On New Album, Koffee, African Music etc

Reggae News, In an interview with Hot 97 Chronixx spoke to the host Ebro on his recent single as well as other subject matters.

Chronixx when speaking about harnessing the sound of reggae let it known that he thinks the most popular music was introduced through the African diaspora making it clear that it is one music and creating music from that perspective is great.


Chronixx in further speaking to the latest track also said that it was the first time the producers were working with a reggae artist specifically while explaining the creative freedom that he is enjoying.

He explained that he used his time to do research on the origin of different people and perspectives.

He also spoke to the fact that during the pandemic he was able to learn things that impacted his spiritual life.

Chronixx also spoke about his upcoming album “Dela Splash” noting that the inspiration for the project coming from the history of Spanish Town and the fact that the one time capital of Jamaica was one of the first places that slaves were able to come out and play music freely.

He spoke to the album as being one that everyone can listen to and get something from as it is made up of celebratory music. The album is set to be released this fall.

Chronixx also stated that he was a fan of Koffee making it known that he thinks she is making the best music of her generation making it clear that she inspires his musical creativity in an exciting way while further describing his respect for the young Grammy artist.


In response to a question on what he thought about the versus clash Chronixx stated that his support was with Bounty Killer as it has been that way since he was a child.

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