Church Group Wants to win souls at Carnival

[Sharingbuttons]Many of the Ekklesia Bible Fellowship (EBF) members were out yesterday to support Carnival in Jamaica. The group said they are not opposing the Carnival activities on the island as it brings persons together, so it is a good time to spread love as they stay away from preaching the Gospel. 

A member of the group has also said that he plans to form a dance group like one they have in Barbados, and they would be a part of the Xudos band sometime in the future. 


Some of the members gave free bottles of water to the revelers yesterday as they danced in the streets. A kind gesture, showing what Christianity is all about.

Moving away from tradition might be appealing to many people these days, let’s see if the amount of members they have, will continue to grow. Religion seem to cause people to think in many different ways,


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