CMR Confirms That He’s Currently Living at Home With Crissy but Sleeping in Separate Room Since The Affair Plus Talks Kids and More – Watch Interview

CMR, born Cushane Carter, is still living at home with his wife and kids, which many have been pondering since the affair was revealed. The ex-soldier spoke about the current situation at home in an interview, saying that there are times when his wife is upset, and he does not know what to say. He explained that leaving home would hinder him from correcting his mistakes with his wife.

Based on his words, he seemed to have taken residence in one of the other rooms in the house, which has five bedrooms in total. The father of four also shared that his younger children do not seem to know what is happening with their parents, but his oldest daughter offered him some advice.

“For the kids, the smaller ones, based on observation, I don’t see dem, you know, aware of it…or it’s not present in their actions. My oldest, I spoke with her and what she had said to me gave me some form of assurance…She was like, the best thing is you being in the house,” he explained to the hosts on The Fix over a phone call.

CMR and youngest daughter

CMR, who described himself as “emotionally wrecked,” indicated that he was not bothered by the negative responses he received and is accepting that there will always be naysayers. However, he saw the whole thing as a learning process, in which his mindset became open to counselling when he never believed in it in the past. He added that counselling taught him and Crissy to “appreciate each other so much more” for the little things that were being taken for granted. 

“I kinda feel like we are at a place where we are getting tighter, we are getting even stronger x3 and…it’s not right there yet fully because I know that the public humiliation is one of the biggest part of it as well, and I really feel fa ma wife pan dah part deh,” he continued.

On the subject of his new song, CMR, who said that music has always been his mode of expressing himself, shared that he wrote multiple tracks before he created Don’t Walk Out On Me. The single, dedicated to Crissy, was said to have made her very emotional.

“She seh eh mek eh break har dung when she listen it..She say she nuh know if she ago listen it every day, but someday she will go through it because she know seh it’s to her and the mere fact seh she know weh it a come from it very deep and emotional same way,” he said.

The scandalous affair had a detrimental effect on the reputation of the Carter family. CMR, in particular, suffered a significant loss of business with a specific company. He shared that they had multiple business meetings with other companies, such as a meeting with the Miss Birdie brand, which runs under Consolidated Bakeries Jamaica Ltd. 

Watch the interview with CMR below:

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