CMR Cooks Shrimp Pasta for Crissy, the Kids, and Mother-in-law – Watch Video

Things seem to be progressing well at the Carters’ house, where Cushane Carter set about making shrimp pasta for his family. Cushane, widely known by his stage name CMR, took fans into a cooking session and showed his family’s reaction.

Kicking off the video, CMR enlightened viewers about the ingredients, including the seasonings he selected due to his past observation of his wife’s cooking. He mentioned his wife again when explaining why he was not removing the shrimp tails. “Normally, I would take these off, but Crissy like it, everybody like it, so I’ll leave it on,” he said.

Later, CMR also mentioned that he had to “ring Crissy” to confirm that he was heading in the right direction.

The father of four girls went on to cook the pasta and add the shrimp to it. When the meal was complete, the camera cut to show his children and mother-in-law dining together, but Crissy was not seen.

The video was shared to The Carter Family YouTube channel and received over 24K views and 3.1K likes since being shared over 2 hours ago. Nevertheless, it can be speculated that his wife had the meal off-camera.

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Watch the video of CMR below:

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