Comments Made about Jamaicans and Marijuana use Sparks Outrage in Canada

Monday, April 23, 2018, 10:17 AM

[Sharingbuttons]A Canadian politician in the maritime province of Nova Scotia made controversial remarks about Jamaicans during a debate in the legislature about Nova Scotia’s Cannabis control act.

There has been a widespread outcry because of this. MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin made the comments; as Canada is planning to legalize marijuana at the end of summer and the persons who are making the decisions were going over methods by which recreational cannabis will be sold in the province. The comments were made regarding Nova Scotia’s Cannabis Control Act.


Mrs. Smith McCrossin said, she worries for the province and the country, as she grew up around hard working people who were clear-minded, sober and productive, but because of what she was told by a Jamaican about the use of marijuana in Jamaica. She believes there will be a problem with productivity in Canada if the laws pertaining to the use of marijuana is changed.

Her Jamaican friend told her that Jamaicans are free to use marijuana and there is a different work ethic and low productivity in Jamaica, They already have a low productivity rate in Nova Scotia and they don’t want to make it any worse.

However, her comments were said to be racist and insensitive, so she apologized later. She said the comments didn’t reflect the views of her other colleagues and she didn’t think they would be seen as something that is offensive.

Doing proper research before speaking is always good. Low productivity in a country can be caused by many different factors and persons who speak about these issues need to be properly informed.

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