Cool Services You Should Know About

We all know our favourite shops, the go-to brands that we always choose first, or how to use Google if we need some inspiration for a surprise, but there are so many amazing things out there that it would be impossible to know everything available! 

Because of that, this piece will talk about some of the cool services that you can use that you might not have ever heard of, which can put some metaphorical or literal sparkle into your 2022.  

Read on to find out more.

Order Cake in The Mail

Long gone are the days where you have to put on actual clothes instead of your pajamas and venture out to the store or bakery to get your hands on a slice of proper cake. Now you can get an actual cake slice delivered straight to yours or someone else’s door! This is a neat little service for those who cannot be with loved ones on their birthday, or if someone needs cheering up, and there is a variety of different cake options that you can choose from. You can also find options for those who have food intolerances or sensitivities, which means they do not have to miss out on the fun!

Have Your Own Song Written

Do you want to serenade someone like they do in romantic movies, or perhaps you have a lot of words to say to someone special, and you are not sure how to say them? Well, maybe having a professional write your own song would be the ideal solution!

Over at, you can send over stories, thoughts, feelings, or even some of your own lyrics to professional songwriters, who will then create your very own masterpiece to keep for yourself or give to a loved one. 

Ship Glitter to Your Enemies 

Does someone keep parking in your designated space, even when you have asked them nicely not to? Or perhaps your friend ditched you on a night out to go home with someone else? Worry not, for you can send a harmless prank in the post without having to lift a muscle. Anyone who has been around glitter knows that it is next to impossible to remove completely, which is why a glitter bomb in the post is a perfect revenge! They will know not to mess with you again for the sake of not having their house turned into a burlesque stage.

Go on a Hangover Bus

Those who drink alcohol know that hangovers suck, and while we may try many remedies in a desperate attempt to quell our pounding headaches, stop the incessant nausea, or try not to cry at commercials, it can feel like nothing seems to work the way they want it to. This might be where the hangover bus comes in! The Hangover Heaven Bus offers top medical IV treatment while providing a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to relax in, to help you get your hydration levels back up to scratch!

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