Covid-19 Test Kits, PPEs Destined For Jamaica – Blocked by US

Thursday, April 16, 2020, 1:02 PM GMT-5

Dr. Christpher Tufton, Jamaica’s Health Minister says after a number of packages of Personal Protective Equipment’ PPE’s were ordered by the Jamaican government they were not allowed to leave the United States.

 He referred to a policy made by the Donald Trump administration that banned exports of some PPE and they are critically needed in the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak in that country.

 This move came after there were similar actions taken by China and the European Union during the peak of the outbreaks in their countries.

ppe health kits

Dr. Tufton said the Ministry of Health and Wellness managed to recalibrate even though there was a challenge. 

Meanwhile, Andrew Holness the Prime Minister says the government has managed to negotiate a delay in the deportation order that was given by the US Government for several Jamaicans from the United States.

He also revealed that the US Government will provide the necessary resources to renovate the Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre, it was closed for some time. Prime Minister Holness said the facility will be used as a staging area for the deportees.  These statements were made in the House of Representatives recently.

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